Portrait of the White Mughal

24 January 2016, Jaipur literature festival’s sunday – a pack day by all means – festival director, author of many books – including ‘City of Djinns’ which is my favorite book on Delhi’s history – William Dalrymple was busy attending and taking care of sessions, guests lectures and that’s when this photograph ‘Portrait of the White Mughal’ was getting born. (‘White Mughals’ is the name of one of his best sellers) .


Portrait of the White Mughal – William Dalrymple – Photo (c) Bharat Tiwari




faqeer at hazarat nizamuddin dargwah

16 June it was and 4:00 pm in delhi was at its most humid. i was waiting for a friend, when i saw the faqeer.

#Gulzar praises Team #Pansa

Gulzar plays Pansa with Salim Arif, Amit Bahl, Bakul Thakkar, Pavan K Varma and Lubna Salim


Gulzar said, "This was the best ever performance of 'Pansa'..."

Gulzar said, “This was the best ever performance of ‘Pansa’…”

#Gulzar’s #Fever on RJ Rhicha (Richa) Vyas

Green meeting of fan Rhicha and Gulzar

During Pansa (Salim Arif, Amit Bahl, Bakul Thakkar, Pavan K Varma and Lubna Salim)

Gulzar & Rhicha

Gulzar & Rhicha

Photographs of the photographer

He was sitting in the front row, sporting his white beard, deeply enjoying the ghazal that Chhaya Ganguli was singing. The occasion was 21st Sangeet Martand Ustad Chand Khan Music Festival at Ghalib Auditorium.

Suddenly he lost his cool as in the middle of him and music somebody walked in front of him, making me cautious as I was sitting just behind him along with bachha party (warned them not to make any noise, which they overheard).

I moved to the first row to take a shot of the stage, I saw some interesting light (of video camera) falling on his face and turned my 700d to capture the moment and then moved on to click the artists. Time passed and the he asked for my camera and clicked some pictures and returned it back… now I was real curious – WHO IS HE?

Murad Ali Khan the young, energetic Sarangi Ustad was tuning his instrument making me go closer to stage and capture those moments. The photographs were looking good and then… I thought of showing it to him (knowing that he likes camera) and he liked couple of them specially the one I told above (light falling on his face).

Pulling his card from his pocket and giving it to me he said, “Can you mail them to me”? I said “yes sir! and am sorry that I have runout of my cards”. He smiled. I read the name on the card and it read “Avinash Pasricha” !!!

We had some conversation in between and when I asked questions about photography, he said “come over to my place…”.

I am coming Avinash Sir, cant wait meeting you again.

Here are three  that I could capture.


Where is The Artist? Shanta Sarbjeet Singh

The evening of 25th April, 2014 was enlightening. Legends of India led by Dipayan Mazumdar and Arun Kumbhat, organized  a panel discussion ‘Art Today: Where is The Artist? ‘ at the ‘Casuarina’ auditorium of India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. 

The Panelist included

  • Shri Jatin Das
  • Shri Shakti Maira
  • Dr.Ashok Vajpeyi

Curator of the Discussion was  Ms. Shanta Sarbjeet Singh – Vice Chairperson The Sangeet Natak Akademi, Chairperson, APPAN ( Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network)

Here are a few photograph of the event.


Expressed : Amaan Ali Khan

Amaan Ali Khan



Photo (c) Bharat Tiwari

21st Sangeet Martand Ustad Chand Khan Music Festival.