Mother nature Photo by Bharat Tiwari — National Geographic Your Shot

I was attending a seminar on book publishing, on my left was this pool where pigeons were drinking water. The beauty was so raw that I couldn’t concentrate on what people were telling from the stage… I had to capture them. The setting sun and the classic white bench in the background were an added advantage. How is this photograph – am still wondering (while loving it)…? Thanks Warmly bt

Source: Mother nature Photo by Bharat Tiwari — National Geographic Your Shot


Lygaeidae in my park

I was having some fresh morning air in the park next to my home in New Delhi, India. There he was sitting on a leaf making me awestruck and rushing me back to bring my camera (Canon 700d). Thanks to the lens that the picture has come out pretty good.

Melanocoryphus albomaculatus

Melanocoryphus albomaculatus

(c) Bharat Tiwari

India Gate

India Gate

The hues of a summer evening !

why was I born ?

She knows

She is not human

What has made you think

I am human